Disc 1                   Total Running Time 43:56

   01. Duel With The Devil
         Motherless Children, Walk Away, Silence Of
         The Night, You`re Not Alone, Almost Home
   02. My New World
Disc 2                         Total Running Time 65:12

   01. We All Need Some Light
   02. All Of The Above
         Full Moon Rising, October Winds, Camou−
         flaged In Blue, Half Alive, Undying Love,
         Full Moon Reprise
   03. Stranger In Your Soul
         Sleeping Wide Awake, Hanging In The Balan−
         ce, Lost And Found Pt.2, Awakening The
         Stranger, Slide, Stranger In Your Soul

                               Transatlantic − "European Tour 2001"

Date:            November − 09, 2001
Venue:         England, Oxford, Zodiac Club
Title:            Zodiac 2001
Recording:   Audience
Quality:        B+
Reg.No.:     0159 / 0160