General Rules:

−   I do not sell any of the recordings.
−   Trades are usually conducted with a one CDR for one CDR ratio. For original silver trades, a five CDR to one original silver
     ratio is used. I do not trade my original silvers, unless I have a duplicate.
−   By entering in a trade with me, you commit to correct any disc errors that may have been encountered during burning session.
     I will do the same.
−   I expect you to let me know about flaws in the recording before the trade is finalized. I attempt to list any flaws of the recordings
     in the comment section of each show.
−   I`m not looking for mp3 sourced material.

Media Type:

−   Due to the longevity of the discs I only accept Fuji, TDK, and Sony high quality discs. Please don`t start discussing about that.
−   80 minute discs are fine as long as they are high quality discs.

Disc Creation:

−   Use "Disc at Once" recording only. If you send CDR`s with gaps between the tracks, you have to correct it.
−   Do not use "On the Fly" copying. Always copy Audio tracks on your harddrive, before burning on CDR. Make sure, that you
     have 800 megabyte free on your harddrive. Do not rip a CD to mp3 format and then back to a CDR. Rip it always to "wav" files.
−   To get a high quality copy make sure, that the CDR and the source disc is free form dust and dirt before copying.
−   Please don`t stick labels on the CDR`s and don`t write on the discs.


−   I have artwork for most of the shows on my list.
−   Artwork via email is fine. If you don`t have artwork, please provide a setlist.
−   If you know sources where to find artwork for shows we`ve traded, let me know.
−   Selfmade artwork is welcome, too.


−   If you contact me first, then you have to send first. If I contact you first, I will do the same.
−   I generally send discs without a jewelbox but in bubble wrapped envelopes. Please do the same. Be sure to protect the discs
     from getting scratched or cracked during shipment.
−   Place something protective between the discs to prevent them from becoming scratched during shipment
−   Please do not ship with UPS, Fedex or any other method that requires a signature for delivery, unless you are shipping original
     silver discs.

So, if you want to trade and you agree with the rules above, please contact me.