Disc 1                       Total Running Time 57:35

   01. Atlantis
           Part 1 "Apocalypse 1470 B.C."
           Part 2 "Sea Of Antiquity"
           Part 3 "Lost Island"
   02. State Of Delirium
   03. Money Shot
   04. Timetable
   05. Box
   06. Improvised Tune
   07. Virgil Donati Drums Solo
   08. Box (cont.)

                                                      PLANET X

Date:            August−24/25, 1999
Venue:         USA, Hollywood, The Baked Potato
Title:            Planet X Live At The Baked Potato
Recording:   Audience
Quality:        A−
Comments:  Virgil Donati (Drums), Tony MacAlpine (Guitar), Derek Sherinian (Keyboard)
                    Phil Benot (Bass)