Disc 1                       Total Running Time 50:05

Virgil Donati established himself as a premier session and touring drummer in his native Australia and has recently moved to the United States. Since then, he has been causing heads to turn and jaws to drop across the country on the clinic trail and setting new performance standards for the LA studio scene. Virgil performs several songs with backing tracks, as well as several incredible solos. In addition, he incorporates a clinic on developing double bass technique, something for which he has become known. With a combination of uncanny technical abilities, seemingly unlimited musical imagination, and an uninhibited flair for showmanship, Virgil takes drum performance to a new level. An awesome drumming display from one of the hottest Drummers today.

                                                      Virgil Donati

Date:            1997
Venue:         USA
Title:            Virgil Donati − Modern Drummer Festival 1997
Recording:   Soundboard
Quality:        A
Reg.No.:      0234