Disc 1                       Total Running Time 66:44

   01. Osmosis/Paradigm Shift/Kindred Spirits/Another
         Dimension/Guitar Solo/State Of Grace/Mike And
         Tony/Chris And Kevin/Freedom Of Speech
   02. Short Piano Spot/Biaxident/Universal Mind/
         Keyboard Solo
   03. Acid Rain
   04. Cover My Eyes
   05. Speak To Me/Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
   06. Hey You/The Silent Man/Rush Medley/Different
         Strings/Wait For Sleep

                                           Liquid Tension Experiment
                                  January−21, 1999 to February−01, 1999

Date:            January 21, 1999
Venue:         USA, New York City, NY, Bowery Ballroom
Title:            The First Show
Recording:   Audience
Quality:        A−
Reg.No.:     0021