Disc 1                       Total Running Time 73:40

   01. 6:00
   02. Covers Medley
            The Rover (Led Zeppelin)
            Killers (Iron Maiden)
            Damage Inc. (Metallica)
            In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd)
            Heart Of The Sunrise (Yes)
            Innocence Faded
   03. Showdown (Raise The Knife)
   04. A Change Of Seasons
   05. Lost Without You
   06. Solar Groove
   07. Freeport Jam
   08. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
   09. Learning To Live

                               Dream Theater − "Miscellaneous Rarities"

Date:            1995
Venue:         Various
Title:            Precious Things                           Recording:   Various                           Quality:        A
Comment:    With this Bootleg Prism Records switched over from pressed CD`s to recordable CD`s.
                    Track 1 was recorded in Tokyo, Japan on January − 21st, 1995 at the Club Citta. Track 2
                    was recorded in Tokyo, Japan on October − 28th, 1995 at the NHK Hall. Tracks 3 and 4
                    were recorded in Lido Beach, NY on June − 13th, 1995 at Club Malibu. Track 5 was
                    recorded in New London, CT on December − 30th, 1995 at El `N` Gee. Tracks 6 and 7
                    were from japanese archival tapes. Track 8 was from an archival tape from the Bruce
                    Dickinson Rock Show, London, UK, January − 29th, 1995. Track 9 was from the
                    original "Images and Words" demo sessions 1991 − 1992
Reg.No.:     0422