Disc 1                       Total Running Time 55:00

   01. YYZ
   02. Metropolis Part 1
   03. Another Won
   04. The Farandole (Billy Sheehan)
   05. A Change Of Seasons
   06. Stars
   07. Mission Impossible Theme
   08. Light Guitar Piece
   09. Long Island Sound
   10. Guitar Player−Spotlight II
         I. Confessions Of An Artist
         II. Somewhere Under The Rainbow

                               Dream Theater − "Miscellaneous Rarities"

Date:            1985−1992
Venue:         USA
Title:            Instrumental II−Your Brain On Our Music
Recording:   Studio
Quality:        A−
Comments:  Miscellaneous Recordings From Studio At The Berklee School Of Music in 1985
                    to "Images And Words" Pre−Production in 1992
Reg.No.:     0102