Disc 1                       Total Running Time 56:02

   01. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath Cover)
   02. Erotomania/Paradigm Shift/Universal Mind
   03. What Did They Say?/Wipeout/Canadian Rap
   04. War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)
   05. Keyboard Solo
   06. The Spirit Carries On
   07. Guitar Solo/Gladiator Theme
   08. The Zoo/Learning To Live/Whole Lotta Love
   09. End Of Show

                               Dream Theater − "Miscellaneous Rarities"

Date:            2000
Venue:         Various
Title:            International Fan Club Christmas CD 2000 − Scenes From A World Tour
Recording:   Soundboard
Quality:        A
Comments:  The Zoo (Scorpions Cover)
                   Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin Cover)
                   Paradigm Shift/Universal Mind (Liquid Tension Experiment)