Disc 1                   Total Running Time 73:36

   01. Pull Me Under
   02. Caught In A Web
   03. Lie
   04. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
   05. Voices
   06. Take The Time
   07. Burning My Soul
   08. Over My Head (King`s X − Cover)
   09. Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin − Cover)
   10. The Trooper (Iron Maiden − Cover)

   11. YYZ (Rush − Cover)
   12. War Pigs (Black Sabbath − Cover featuring MP`s
                drum tech John "Magee" McGarry on vocals)

   13. Hot For Teacher (Van Halen − Cover)
   14. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple − Cover)
   15. Mean Streets (Van Halen − Cover)
   16. Caught In A Web (Just a snippet)
   17. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple − Cover
                performed as Nightmare Cinema)

   18. Spanish Radio Ending

                                    Dream Theater − "Pre − Awake" − Shows
                                    September−09, 1994 to October−14, 1994

Date:            September − 09, 1994
Venue:         USA, Burbank, CA, Concrete Foundations Forum
Title:            The Jordan Experiment
Recording:   Soundboard                                    Quality:        A−                               Reg.No.:     0352
Comments:  Track 1−6 was the only show with Jordan Rudess on Keyboard. Jordan could not fully commit
                   to DT, so they continued looking for another keyboardist. Track 7 is recorded on April−05,
                   1998 in Spain, Granada at Esparrago Festival. Track 8−16 recorded on May−22, 1998 in
                   USA, Lubbock, TX at Depots 19th St. Warehouse. Track 17 is recorded on May−24, 1998
                   in USA, San Antonio, TX, at Blue Bonnet Palace.