Disc 1                   Total Running Time 37:21

   01. New Millenium
   02. Strange Deja Vu
   03. War Inside My Head /
           The Test That Stumped Them All
   04. Blind Faith
   05. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
Disc 2                   Total Running Time 47:57

   01. Instrumedley:
         I. The Dance Of Eternity
            II. Metropolis Pt.1
            III. Erotomania
            IV. The Dance Of Eternity
            V. Metropolis Pt.1
            VI. The Darkest Of Winters
            VII. Ytsejam
            VIII. The Dance Of Eternity
            IX. Paradigm Shift
            X. Universal Mind
            XI. The Dance Of Eternity
            XII. Hell`s Kitchen

   02. Lines In The Sand / Solitary Shell
   03. Pull Me Under
   04. Take The Time (w/excerpts of Working Man (Rush)
              and By−Tor (Rush))

                      Dream Theater − On Tour with Joe Satriani And Kings` X
                                 August−08, 2002 to September−14, 2002

Date:            August − 28, 2002
Venue:         USA, Chicago, IL, Rosemont Theater
Title:            Dreaming With The Alien
Recording:   Audience
Quality:        A −
Reg.No.:     0301 / 0302