Disc 1                   Total Running Time 76:27

   01. The Glass Prison
   02. Panic Attack
   03. Just Let Me Breathe
   04. Lie
   05. Never Enough
   06. Home
   07. Drum Duet with Richard Christy
   08. A Fortune In Lies
   09. As I Am
Disc 2                   Total Running Time 11:58

   01. Pull Me Under
   02. Metropolis Pt.1

                                    Dream Theater − "American Gigantour"
                                    July − 21, 2005 to September − 03, 2005

Date:            August − 23, 2005
Venue:         USA, Wantagh, NY, Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Title:            Long Island Iced Earth                        Recording:   Audience                          Quality:        A−
Comments:  The drum duet included excerpts from Walk This Way (Aerosmith), We`re Not Gonna Take It
                   (Twisted Sister), The Crunge (Led Zeppelin), Welcome Home (King Diamond), We Will
                   Rock You (Queen), Hot For Teacher (Van Halen), YYZ (Rush), Run To The Hills, Where
                   Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden), Raining Blood (Slayer), - JP accompanied them on guitar
Reg.No.:      0453 / 0454