Disc 1                   Total Running Time 69:53

   01. Intro (Little Green Bag)
   02. Under A Glass Moon
   03. Lifting Shadows Of A Dream
   04. Voices
   05. A Change Of Seasons
             The Crimson Sunrise
             Carpe Diem
             The Darkest Of Winters
             Another World
             The Inevitable Summer
             The Crimson Sunset

   06. Another Day
   07. Pull Me Under
   08. 6:00

                       Dream Theater − "Waking Up The World" − Second European Leg
                                                June−18, 1995 to July−09, 1995

Date:            July − 08, 1995
Venue:         Netherlands, Weert, Sportpark Boshoven ("Bospop" − Festival)
Title:            Carpe Diem
Recording:   Audience
Quality:        A−
Comments:  There Is A Scene With Beaves & Butthead At The End Of The Disc
Reg.No.:     0142