11-04-2003 Germany, Stuttgart, Hans-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Live In Banana Republic 2CD Audience A-
04-07-2000 Russia, St. Petersburg Live In St. Petersburg 2CD Audience B-
03-27-1996 Germany, Munich When A Blind Man Cries 2CD Audience B+
03-15-1996 Germany, Berlin A New King Is Born 2CD Audience A-
03-04-1995 USA, Sunrise, FL, Musical Theatre Purple Sunrise 2CD Audience B+
06-16-1994 Germany, Saarbrücken, Saarlandhalle Knocking In Saarbrücken 1DVDR Audience A-
12-05-1993 Japan, Yokohama Flying In A Purple Dream 2CD Audience A-
10-07-1993 Germany, Berlin, Deutschlandhalle Sabre Dance 1DVDR Audience A-
12-13-1984 Australia, Sydney, Entertainment Centre Reborn 2CD Audience B
12-11-1975 Japan, Osaka, Kouseinenkin Hall Drifter 2CD Audience B
03-30-1975 Germany, Hamburg No Encore Tonight 2CD Audience B
09-27-1974 Germany, Berlin, Deutschlandhalle Edge Of Insanity 2CD Audience C+
05-24-1973 USA, Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall Definitive 1973 3CD Soundboard A
01-16-1973 Germany, Berlin, Sporthalle Purple Blitz 2CDR Audience B+
02-16-1972 Germany, Böblingen, Sporthalle Really Hate The Another Life 1CD Audience B
02-12-1972 Germany, Essen Cold Spring Essen 2CDR Audience B-
04-23-1971 Denmark, Arhus, Vejlby−Risskov Hallen Ultimate Danish Yodel 2CD Audience A-
04-06-1970 Austria, Vienna, Konzerthaus Jazzy`s Paicey In Vienna 2CDR Audience B
04-04-1970 Germany, Cologne, Sporthalle Progressive Pop Festival 2CD Audience B
03-06-1970 Switzerland, Basel The King Of Rock`n`Roll 1CDR Audience B
03-05-1970 Switzerland, Zurich Zurich 3.5.70 1CDR Audience B+
08-24-1969 Netherland, Amsterdam, Paradiso Crash Landing 1CD Soundboard A-
08-24-1969 Netherland, Amsterdam, Paradiso Purple Tulips 1CDR Audience B


09-15-2004 Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle   Live in Germany, Berlin 2004 1CDR Audience A-
09-15-2004 Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle Burn...In The Still Of The Night 2CD Audience B+
09-14-2004 Germany, Leipzig, Parkbühne, Clara-Zetkin-Park Memories Of Deep Purple 2CD Audience A
09-11-2004 Germany, Bremen, Pier 2 Burn Bremen, Burn 2CD Audience A
09-04-2004 Germany, Karlsruhe, Europahalle Back To The Roots 2CDR Audience A-
05-30-2003 Germany, Stuttgart, Congress Centrum B Here`s A Show For Ya`! 2CD Audience A
05-28-2003 Germany, Hannover, Stadionsporthalle Hannover In The Shadow Of The.... 2CD Audience A-
05-10-2003 England, Ipswich, Regent Theatre Rebirth Of Serpent 2CD Audience A-
12-13-1997 Argentina, Buenos Aires, Carril Oeste Stadium The Last Farewell 1CD Soundboard A
10-25-1997 Germany, Stuttgart, Congress Center B The Last Time 2CD Soundboard A
01-19-1985 Brasil, Rio de Janeiro Rock In Rio ´85 1CDR Audience B-
04-18-1980 Japan, Osaka Live An` Demos 2CD Audience A- / B+
03-29-1979 England, London, BBC Studios BBC Snake 1CD Soundboard A


02-27-1997 USA, Canton, Ohio Ohio − First Night 2CD Audience B+
02-22-1997 USA, Springfield, VA, The Jaxx Club The Jaxx 2CD Audience B
08-03-1996 Germany, Bad Worishofen, Eissporthalle Back Again ´96 2CD Audience B+
10-31-1995 France, Paris Parisian Masquerade 2CD Audience A-
10-21-1995 Germany, Munich, Terminal 1 The Last Nights In Germany Vol.II 1CD Soundboard A
10-14-1982 Japan, Osaka, Festival Hall Power To The Osaka 2CDR Audience B+
06-23-1978 USA, Atlanta, Georgia I`m Losing Control 1CD Soundboard A-
10-18-1977 Austria, Wien, Stadthalle Kicks 2CD Audience B
09-27-1977 Norway, Oslo, Chateau Neuf Oslo 1977 2CD Audience B+
09-27-1977 Norway, Oslo, Chateau Neuf Catch The Rainbow 2CDR Audience B-
09-26-1977 Sweden, Gothenburg Second Night On Stage 2CDR Audience B
09-25-1977 Sweden, Stockholm Long Live Triumvirate 2CDR Audience B+
12-10-1976 Japan, Kyoto Incubus`s Party 2CD Audience B
12-05-1976 Japan, Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall Straight To The Sky 2CD Audience B+
11-09-1976 Australia, Melbourne, Festival Hall Incubus 2CD Audience B+
10-18-1976 Netherlands, Den Haag, Congresgebauw Den Haag 1976 2CD Audience B+
09-20-1976 Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm Konserthouset First Rising In Europe 2CD Audience B+
08-31-1976 England, Bristol, Hippodrome Bristol Demolition 2CD Audience B
06-25-1976 USA, Chicago, The Aragon Ballroom Captured A Legend 2CD Audience B-
11-14-1975 USA, New York, Calderone Concert Hall Second Night Of New York 1CDR Audience B+
11-12-1975 USA, New York City, The Beacon Theater First Gig In N.Y. 2CDR Audience B-

Ian Paice

05-25-2004 Austria, Vienna, Planet Music Drum Battle At The Planet 2CDR Audience A-

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